Dazed and Confused

November 25th, 2015

The police arrived shortly after I pulled myself together and found my phone. Everything was such a blur, there were so many people I couldn’t keep track. Eventually, a detective pulled me outside to get some fresh air and to ask me what happened.

“How did you know the victim? Did you live together? Why were you sleeping in seperate bedrooms? Were you arguing? Does he have any enemies you know of? Do you have any enemies you know of? ” I mean this guy wouldn’t stop. I mostly responded with blinks and a slight head shake. What was I suppose to say? Actually detective, I was too busy fucking another man in the other room to notice anything strange, plus I slept really well that night on a count of all the fucking so even if there was a break in, I wouldn’t have heard it. Also, here’s the kicker, the man I was getting pounded by is more than likely the same man who stabbed John to death. Case closed. You’re welcome.

My loft was considered a crime scene now, which made it impossible for me to stay there. I honestly dont think I could ever sleep there again anyway. So I packed a bigger bag this time, called my work to let them know I couldn’t make it in until further notice, and headed out of the city.

I headed to my childhood home my parents left me that rested in suburbia, about thirty minutes out of the city. I take a bus ride there usually every other weekend to check up on the place, sometimes I drop in and say hello to Nancy. I’m not sure what to tell her about why I’ll be crashing there for a while but I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

After the bus dropped me off, I had just a short walk through the subdivision to get to the house. All of the houses pretty much looked alike, tri level homes, privacy fences in the backyard, basketball hoops in the driveway, your average suburban household.

Ours in particular was a tan tri level with white shutters. I just had it repainted last summer so it looks more updated than the rest of the subdivision. I painted our privacy fence white, planted some red mums in our flower bed by the front porch, it was a nice place to get away.

Walking inside always made me a little emotional. Over the years it got better but, the smell of home always managed to choke me up. Standing in the entry way, I had the dining room and kitchen to my right, the living room to my left, and stairs in front of me. There was three bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom upstairs, one downstairs, a basement, etc. Your usual three-person home. I thought about selling it a while back, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. This was the only thing I had left of my folks, and I couldn’t give that up just for some quick cash.

“Home sweet home…” I whispered to myself as I wandered around the main level. I ended up at the kitchen table, sitting there thinking about my next move. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings after I found John. I should have done a lot of things but thats done and over with so now I have to figure out what to do next. The detective ordered me not to leave the state because, of course, I’m a suspect. He did also say to stay local in case they had to bring me into the station for further questioning, but i had questions that needed to be answered myself.

After I took a hot shower, I looked at myself long hard in the bathroom mirror. My nose and eyes were red from crying, but the tears made my green eyes bright. I couldn’t comb my hair without getting flashbacks of Charlie twisting my long blonde mane in his hand as he had his way with me. Squeezing my eyes shut, I tried to vanish the memory. I noticed I had a small bruise on my collar bone, a little circle of purple and green, bringing back the sound of him moaning and the feeling of his hot breath on my ear as he claimed me as his.

“Fuck.” I said as I stormed out of the bathroom. I got dressed in some fitted tan cargo pants and a white t-shirt. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, slipped on some brown knee high military boots, grabbed a light jacket, and headed to the garage.

I had a 2009, AWD, Black Dodge Charger waiting for me. I opened the garage door and listened to the V8 Hemi purr as I started her up. I called her Athena. In the city I didn’t have a place to park, and I usually walked everywhere, therefore I only needed her when I came to checkup on the house. As I climbed into the car I wondered if this was a smart idea, going to talk to Charlie. Accusing a man like that was a pretty risky decision, but he left me no choice. I made the decision to go and pulled out of the driveway with ease. I should have been planning how my conversation was going to go with Charlie, but instead I just cranked up the radio, and listened to rock the whole drive there.

It was the middle of the afternoon when I pulled up to the front gate of the camp. It just started to rain.

“Ms. Fox, welcome back.” The security guard said as I rolled down my tinted window, “What can I do for you?” He asked.

“I need to talk to Lou.” I lied and watched him make the call.

He came back to my window with an umbrella, “Lou said you can meet him at the Main Lodge, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to pop your trunk and hood so we can inspect your vehicle before we take you back.” He said.

I put the car in park and did as he asked. He had me open all four doors, lift the trunk and hood, and then stand back with the umbrella as two men circled my car with mirrors at the end of a long stick. They guided mirrors and flashlights all along and under my ground effects, looked at my door jams, looked inside the car, “They really do take this camping thing seriously…” I mumbled to myself as I watched them. It makes more sense of course now that I know what this camp is really about.

“Okay Ms. Fox, you’re in the clear. I can take you the Main Lodge now.” He said walking up to me.

“That’s alright, I know the way.” I said handing back his umbrella before I let down my hair and pulled up my hood.

He looked a little confused but gave me the nod and opened the gate for me.

My mind was racing. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what I was going to say or do when I saw Charlie. I just ran as fast as I could to the Main Lodge and busted through the front doors. Lou was standing there waiting for me. Scanning the room quickly, it looked like we were once again, alone.

“Where’s Charlie?” I asked walking up to him.

Lou frowned, “Charlie? Are you alright, dear? You seem flushed.”

“I need to talk to Charlie, please tell me where he is.” I asked ignoring his concern.

“He was taking inventory at the weapons shed last I checked, why?” Lou asked.

I didn’t answer him. I just walked out the door and ran to the trail. It’s a good thing I was headed to the place where they keep all the weapons because I had a bad feeling I might need one.

As I approached the field where the shed was, I heard Charlie on the phone “No, she’s fine, I’ll talk to her.” He said looking at the ground as he walked outside.

The rain slowly stopped as I stood there watching him. I pulled my hood down and combed my wet hair back with my fingers so it wasn’t in my face. Charlie must have caught sight of the motion because his head shot up and he looked right at me, making every muscle in my body tense up.

He kept his eyes on me as he ended the call and walked in my direction. He had a confused look on his gorgeous face. Furrowed brow, clenched jaw, lips tight together. He finally reached me and I swear to god, those brown eyes could have turned me to stone.

“Back for round two?” He asked looking down at me.

That was it. That comment gave me the courage to ball my left hand into a fist and swing it around as hard as I could, striking him in his jaw.

It felt like I broke every bone in my fucking hand but the look on his face was completely worth it.

He took a step back to catch himself from falling before he looked at me like I just…well, hit him in the face. He was pissed. He was even more pissed when I took a second swing at him. He blocked my left hook though and trapped my extended arm between his elbow and ribs. As he pulled me by my arm closer to him, he put an excessive amount of weight on my left shoulder before taking a big step forward, causing me to lose my footing and fall to the ground.

It was cold, and wet, and muddy, but neither of us seemed to care. He grabbed me by my ankles and slid me through the mud towards him so he was standing over me. Crouching down so his knees were on either side of my hips, he grabbed me by the wrists and slammed my hands to the ground above my head.

I squeezed my eyes shut. Flashbacks of him holding my arms down on the bed by my wrists as he slipped in and out of me came rushing back. I took in a sharp breath and finally looked up at him.

“You have one hell of a left hook, Red. You wanna tell me what I did to deserve that?” Charlie asked as he looked down at me.

“Did you not even give a shit that I would be the one to find him?” I asked, blinking away tears.

He frowned.

“Did you not think I would come here and face you?!?!” I snapped.

“Keep your God damn voice down.” He demanded.

“Get the fuck off of me.” I said trying to loosen his grip on my wrists but he just squeezed tighter.

“I’m not letting you go until you explain to me why you’re being a crazy bitch.” He said firmly. “Now calm down and talk to me like an adult, yea?”

I looked up at him confused, “Did John say anything to you before you left?” I asked.

“I left at three o’clock in the morning. He was still in the bedroom.” He explained.

“Did you see anyone when you left? Outside of the apartment? On my street? Anyone suspicious?” I asked him.

Charlie released my hands and slowly sat up straight, “What is going on, Kate?”

“John was murdered.” I blurted out. “He was stabbed to death in my bed. I found him around nine o’clock.” I said resting my weight on my elbows.

Charlie sat there blinking at me for a few seconds as he processed everything before speaking up, “And you thought I did it.” He said shaking his head before standing up. He helped me to my feet and forced me to look at him, “Listen to me carefully.” He demanded, “I don’t go around killing innocent people for no reason. Despite everything you think about me, I do have morals. Johns blood isn’t on my hands, and he didn’t seem like the guy who knew a lot of dangerous people. That means someone came to YOUR apartment, walked into YOUR bedroom, and thought they were killing YOU.”

I looked up at him, “So you’re saying I’m the reason John is dead?” I asked, suddenly fighting the urge to hit him again.

“No! I mean…” He sighed, “That means someone has been watching you.” He explained.

“What about you?” I asked raising my brow at him, “What if you were the one they were tracking down?” I asked, forcing myself out of his grip.

“Then I’ll handle it.” He said looking down at me. “In the mean time, you’re not safe alone. You can stay here, you can train, you can have the guest cabin-”

“No.” I said shaking my head, “I have a place to stay.”

“With someone?” He asked.

I shrugged, “I’m not in the mood to be around people.”

“Well you’re sure as hell not staying somewhere alone.” He said squaring his shoulder at me as if that would intimidate me into staying.

“Well I’m not staying here.” I said and looked up at the cloudy sky, ” The storm is passing…I gotta get back.”

“Get back to what, Kate? Jesus, just slow down for a second.” He said

“I don’t WANT to slow down, Charlie! Do you understand that? I don’t want to think! I need to stay as busy as possible and figure out what the hell is going on!” I snapped.

Charlie gave up, “Fine. Fine!” He said throwing his hands up, “I’ll get you a change of clothes before you leave.” He said before walking back to the shed to lock up.

Once he was finished, he handed me a key and told me to go wait in his cabin while he grabbed me some clothes. I was hesitant at first but I thought about it, and I really didn’t want to ruin the interior of my car. So I walked over to his cabin, took off my muddy boots by the front door, and stood in the living room as I waited for him. His cabin was larger than the guest cabin, it was like a little house. He had a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, even a loft upstairs. I took off my muddy hoodie as I walked into his bathroom and turned on the light. I was a mess. Mud in my hair, on my face, down my shirt. I peeked in his shower and saw men’s body wash and shampoo. “Hmm…” I thought as I looked from the big glass shower to the front door. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I washed up really fast, right? I asked myself before I decide I didn’t care and turned it on. I found a fresh towel and hung it by the shower before peeling off my wet muddy clothes and closing the bathroom door. I stepped into the shower and relaxed against the hot water as the bathroom started to fill up with steam.

I began to lather my body with his soap, and the scent brought me back to last night. This time I didn’t want to fight it. I ran my hands over my breasts and down my flat stomach as I closed my eyes and thought back to Charlie’s rough hands expertly roaming my body. Nothing can explain the feeling you get when a man makes it verbally clear that you are what he wants, and after he confirms you want it to, he actually follows through and proves to you just how bad he’s been craving you. The way he makes your back arch and toes curl with the slightest touch. That’s not something you find in every man, but Charlie seemed to be an expert in it.

I found my hand running down and rubbing my now swollen clit as I held onto the memory of Charlie guiding himself into me for the first time, filling me completely. The way he took my breast in his mouth and teased my nipple with his teeth as he began to move in and out of me had me biting my lip then and now as I held back a moan.

I was pulled from my reverie as I heard a knock at the door. I jumped and dropped my hand to my side as I took in a deep breath, “Come in.” I said with a slight shaky voice.

The door opened and Charlie walked in and closed the door behind him, “I found you some PT sweats… I hope you like grey.” I said with a small laugh.

“Grey is fine, thank you.” I said. The glass on the shower door was all steamed up, but I watched Charlie’s figure set down the sweats and take off his jacket.

“We need to talk about some things.” He said as he hung his jacket on the back of the door.

I suddenly found the nerve to open the glass door and peek my head out “Get in here.” I demanded.

I watched the expression on his face go from surprised to serious as he began to undress. First he pulled his shirt over his head, and my mouth started to water as I saw his beautiful body in the light. He was nothing but muscle. His chest and arms alone made me wonder in the back of my mind how he found a leather jacket to fit.

I swallowed hard as he dropped his shirt on the ground and moved to his muddy jeans. He undid his belt before working on his button and zipper. He moved slowly, making me all the more nervous. Pushing his pants down to his ankles, he stepped out of them before walking towards me. I got a good look at his semi-hard cock and it made my knees weak. I didn’t have time to figure out the logistics of how he didn’t split me in half last night before he was kissing me and pushing us under the hot water.

He tasted like the crisp rain, and I took it all in as he deepened the kiss. He ran his hands down my back and grabbed my ass, forcing my body to get as close to his as possible. I moaned into his mouth and I felt his erection grow, pushing against my stomach. I went to reach down and take gentle hold of his shaft but he grabbed my arm and placed it around his neck before lifting me up into the air.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pinned me up against the wall and slowly guided his hard cock into me. I let out a sharp gasp as he slipped deeper and deeper inside. I was sore from the night before but the pleasure of it all overwhelmed the pain.

“You alright?” He whispered against my lips as he gripped my thighs.

“Yes.” I whispered back before kissing him hard. I dug at his back as he started to thrust his hips back and forth, slipping in and out of me with ease.

He held me still as he picked up the pace and moved faster, making us both moan in ecstasy.

The more he moved the closer I got to cumming. He was at the perfect angle to where every time he thrusted into me, he rubbed against my G-spot and clit. I started to tremble as he pushed me over the edge, making me cum even harder than before. “Charlie,” I moaned as I felt my insides pulse around his cock over and over again.

“God yes.” He moaned as he felt me cum, resulting in him fucking me harder and harder. It became even easier to slip in and out of me as my cum ran down his dick, “Christ I want to fill you up.” He said, digging into my thighs.

The thought of him cumming almost made me climax a second time, “Please.” I begged,

“I want you to cum..”

In one swift motion he pulled out of me, lowered me to my feet, and finished himself off onto my stomach as he kissed me hard. The sound of him moaning almost made my knees buckle.

We both leaned against the wall as we tried to catch our breath. The water was just now beginning to cool, so I handed him the body wash so we could clean ourselves up.

He shut off the water as I stepped out of the shower and dried off. After tossing him the towel, I pulled on the grey PT sweatpants and tank top he found for me and opened the bathroom door. I jumped as I saw five men in his living room, standing at attention. “Um…Charlie?” I said looking over at him confused, “You have some guests.”

Charlie was wrapping the towel around his waist as he looked up at the men and nodded, “Kate, this is my Alpha Team.” He said as we took a few steps into the living room, “Alpha’s, meet Katherine Fox.” He said in a deep commanding voice, “She is the one you will be protecting, day and night.” Charlie looked over at me “This is the most reliable team I have. They are going to keep you safe, and they are going to find John’s killer.”



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