Never say never

December 10th, 2015

The moment I climbed into my car I started to shake. I thought about having another breakdown. Just taking a few minutes to yell and cry, but then I decided against it. I had my moment, and now I needed to collect my thoughts and come up with a game plan. First on my list, find the set of daggers my folks left me.

As I drove back to the house, I tried to remember if they were still in the weekend bag I took with me to meet Lou the first time, and again when I had to leave after they told me my loft was a crime scene. I didn’t remember taking them out so hopefully they were underneath all of my clothes, or this was going to turn into an even bigger problem.

I parked the car in the garage and ran into the house just as it started to rain again. I wasn’t sure what I was going to find, one dagger? Two daggers? No daggers? My mind was racing as I walked upstairs and into my room. I found the bag on the floor in my closet, and I started to wonder how I got away with packing a bag at all. I mean I’m no detective, but it would seem that everything in my loft was considered part of a crime scene, therefore, I wouldn’t be allowed to take anything.

“Whatever.” I mumbled to myself as I picked up the bag and dumped it out onto my bed. Tossing the clothes onto the floor, the only thing left was two smaller boxes, and one dagger.

“One.” I whispered to myself as I grabbed the dagger and examined the blade. It was thicker than a kitchen knife alright, and a lot heavier too.

I shoved it into my boot before I spent an extra five minutes searching the pile of clothes and empty bag for the missing dagger. “Shit.” I said with a sigh as I fell back onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. I tried to think back to when I found John, hoping I had missed something. I remember shaking him, and then pulling the covers back, and then dropping to the ground as I talked myself out of puking. I didn’t notice any weapon or clue of some sort. Just John.

Coming out of my reverie, I heard a loud thump downstairs that made me sit up with a jolt. When I didn’t hear it again I quietly walked out of my room and down the stairs. The rain was getting heavier, so there were a lot of odd noises going on in each room. I stepped into the dining room just as the lights flickered and went out. It was in the middle of the afternoon so there was a dim blue light shining though the windows from the sky, allowing me to still see where I was going, but barely.

As I made my way into the kitchen to grab a lighter I slipped on something wet. Grabbing the ledge of the counter with a gasp, I caught myself and looked down to see I slipped on a small puddle of water. My first thought was that the roof was leaking, but when I looked further into the kitchen I saw a trail of small puddles leading to the back door.

My heart started to race when I realized I wasn’t alone. Just as I went to turn around and head to the front door, I felt the weight of someone’s right arm reaching over my shoulder to press a dull knife against my throat. I froze as they pulled my body tight against theirs before they spoke, “Didn’t your parents ever teach you to lock your doors?” Said a man with a deep rough voice. I felt his breath run down my neck as he whispered into my left ear, “Didn’t they teach you not to let strangers into your home?”

I closed my eyes, “Yes.” I whispered as I tried to remember the self defense training my folks taught me years ago, “But more importantly, they taught me never to let them leave.” I said with a threatening tone before I took a risky chance and in one swift motion, I reached up with my right hand to squeeze the pressure point on his bicep while I used my left forearm to push his arm down just enough so he couldn’t cut my throat. I stomped as hard as I could on his right foot before I slammed his body back into the fridge hard enough for him to loosen his grip and drop his hold on me.

Once I was out of his reach, I spun around to face him as I brought my hands up into a fighting position, getting ready to throw a punch when I realized who it was.

“Charlie?” I said as I looked him up and down. He had dark face paint on, making his evil grin glow in the dim light. He threw up his hands as if to surrender as he let out a deep chuckle. I dropped my hands.

“Easy, Red.” He laughed, “I think I broke your fridge.”

“What the hell are you doing here!?” I snapped. Looking him over, I now realized why I didn’t recognize him sooner. He was dressed in all black; t shirt, cargo pants, combat boots, the works. Even his hair had some black face paint in it.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” I yelled at him.

“I’m just getting back from a job and I was in the neighborhood. ” He explained, “Killed? That’s cute.” He said reaching out to grab me but I pushed his hand away.

“You’re mad.” He observed with a raised brow.

“No shit I’m mad, Charlie! You scared the hell out of me! How did you even FIND me here?” I asked.

He scratched the back of his neck, “I had the guys put a tracker on your car.” He said standing up straight, “Listen, you need to relax.” He said firmly.

“Relax? Are you fucking joking?” I said taking a step towards him, “Does privacy mean NOTHING to you people?” I yelled.

“No, but your safety does!” He yelled back. “I could have killed you just then, do you realize that?!” He closed the distance between us in one long stride, “I took the dagger out of your boot before I put it to your throat and you didn’t even notice.” He said looking down at me. The more he yelled, the taller and more intimidating he seemed to become.

“I am here to protect you from your own god damn mistakes and you want to get an attitude with me?” He said as he lifted my chin up with his hand so he could look me in the eyes, “You’re lucky I don’t punish you and take what I want right here.” He threatened.

I clenched my jaw and slammed my hands into his hard chest, attempting to push him away but all it did was push me back, “We’re done. You and me, whatever this was, its over.” I said looking up at him, “Get out.” I said firmly.

He dropped his hands and let out a short laugh, “You sure about that, pet?” He asked me.

Giving him a sharp glare seemed to be a good enough answer for him because he dropped the dagger and headed to the back door.

“I’ll remember that.” He said with a nod, “I’ll remember that along with the fact that you can’t keep your hands off of me long enough to think straight.” He said with a harsh tone.

He grabbed the handle to the back door and looked over at me, “You’re angry now, but once that anger dies down, you’re going to be begging me to make you cum again.” He said opening door, “Lock up.” He said as he slammed it shut, leaving me speechless and standing alone in the kitchen.




That whole night I tossed and turned in bed. Every little sound worried me and once the power came back on, not even a night light settled my nerves. I knew Charlie was right, and maybe I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did but I have my fathers hot headed temper.

The next morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee when there was a heavy knock at my door. Hesitantly, I looked through the window to see one of Charlie’s men standing on my porch. I unlocked the front door and opened it with a frown.

“Good morning, ma’am.” He said standing tall and alert, “It looks like it stormed pretty bad last night. ” He said looking at my front yard and then back at me with a small smile.

“You’re the hand to hand combat guy, right?” I asked making sure I didn’t mistake him for someone else.

He nodded, “Call me Finn, ma’am.”

“Call me Kate.” I said opening up the door wider, “Would you like some coffee, Finn?” I asked.

He seemed surprised by my invitation, “No thank you, ma’am. I’m just here to de-bug your vehicle.”

“Kate, not ma’am, and you’re here to de-bug my car? You mean take the tracker off of it?” I asked as I folded my arms over my chest.

He nodded, “Charlie’s orders.” He said “He also wanted me to tell you to pack your things, I’m taking you back to camp.”

I frowned, not thinking I heard him right, “Excuse me? Why on god’s earth would I-”

“-I think you know why, Kate.” Finn said looking down at me, “You’re not safe here alone and you need to train. We’ll figure out the arrangements when we get there, I just ask that you’re ready to go in an hour.”

I wanted to argue with him but there was no point when he wasn’t the one I needed to argue with. I tossed him my keys and opened the garage door for him before I went upstairs and started to pack.

The thought of seeing Charlie again made my stomach do flips for reasons I didn’t understand. I was nervous, and confused, and still a little angry even though I didn’t exactly have the right to be. I didn’t plan on ever seeing him again, let alone in a few hours. What the hell was I going to say to him?

I thought it over as I took a quick body shower. Deciding I wanted to be comfortable on the ride there, I pulled on a pair of black leggings, along with a black tank top with thick straps. I was just pulling my hair up in a messy ponytail as I heard Finn call my name from downstairs.

“Coming!” I yelled down to him as I grabbed my bag and tennis shoes. I trotted down the stairs to meet Finn and he took my bag to the car while I got my shoes and zip up hoodie on. Locking up the house gave me some mixed emotions, but I ignored them as I climbed into Finn’s Jeep, “Lets go.” I said, relaxing in the passenger seat as we drove out of the subdivision.




The drive seemed shorter than I remembered. Maybe because I was dreading the fact that I had to see Charlie, I don’t know. Finn didn’t say much on our ride there, so that helped me be alone with my thoughts. My awful, awful thoughts.

“Ya know, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” I said to Finn as we pulled up to the security gate.

“You’ll be just fine, lassie. Just take him with a grain of salt.” He said patting me on the shoulder before he turned his attention to the guard.

I swallowed hard as we pulled through the gate and parked the Jeep in front of the main lodge doors, “He should be in there, I’ll take your things to the guest cabin.” Finn told me.

I thanked him as I climbed out of the car and walked into the lodge. It was quiet except for the popping of the lit fire and Charlie’s footsteps as he walked down the stairs. His eyes were on me as soon as I walked in and they didn’t leave me until I spoke.

“What am I doing here, Charlie?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

He walked right up to me so we were toe to toe “You’re here to learn.” He said simply.

I frowned, “Why?” I asked.

“Because I finish what I start.” He said before he pushed past me and walked out of the lodge. He held the door open and looked back at me with a raised brow, “You coming?” He asked with an annoyed tone.

I sighed and followed him out of the lodge, “Are you going to try to kill me again?” I asked, matching his tone.

“No, I put Finn in charge of that.” He said walking down a path behind the cabins that I hadn’t been on before.

“Wait, what?” I asked, having to pick up the pace to keep up with him.

“Finn will teach you everything you need to know about hand to hand combat. You will train with him for three hours, five days a week.” He came to a halt so quickly I almost ran into him, “And then you will come to me each night and show me what you have learned, you understand?” He asked, towering over me.

“So I will be training every day for how long?” I asked.

“As long as it takes.” He said firmly and began walking again, “You will start meditating for one hour every morning, then you will have breakfast.” The path started to lead us into the forest, “After breakfast you will warm up with thirty minutes of cardio, and then you will meet Finn in the gym. After you train with Finn, you will have an hour of personal time, and then you will meet our sniper here for target practice.” He said as we walked up on another open field. There were five targets set up in a row to our right. To our left and down a ways was the weapons shed.

“You will be training one on one with these men, so be sure not to waste their time.” Charlie said looking over at me.

I didn’t make eye contact with him, “What do I do after target practice?” I asked, my eyes settling on the targets.

“You meet me at my cabin and show me what you can do.” He said. “At first you’re going to be sore, and tired, and weak. You’ll barely be able to hold up your fists or take off your shoes, you will hate me and everything to do with this camp, until you start to get good. You’ll start to show improvement after a few weeks, after a few months you’ll start to feel good about yourself, and before long you might even be able to take me down.” He said with a small grin.

I finally looked over, locking eyes with him as he spoke.

“Eventually practicing with me every night will be nothing but foreplay to you and you’ll want more.” He explained.

“How much more?” I asked him curiously.

He grinned, “After I show you what your body is capable of, you’ll be addicted to pushing the limits. You’ll challenge everyone here and when that’s not enough, I’ll take you out on the town and show you what were capable of as a team.”

“Is that why I’m here? You want me to join your team?” I asked him with a head tilt.

I watched him think about his answer carefully before he spoke, “Do you think you’re capable of taking someone’s life?” He asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, I was pretty set on killing you last night.”

“But you didn’t, and that’s why you’re here. One thing at a time, princess.” He said as he headed back towards the camp.

“Didn’t? Princess?” I said, waiting there for a second thinking he had some sort of comeback, but when he just ignored me and kept walking, he pissed me off even more.

I huffed a growl under my breath as I followed him out of the woods and back into the housing community. He walked to the guest cabin and unlocked the door before he walked inside. I followed him, eager to finish this conversation.

“Lets get two things straight.” I said slamming the door shut, “You will never call me princess again.” I said walking up to him, he was now leaning on the dresser with his arms crossed over his chest, watching me, “And I could have killed you last night if I wanted to.” I said firmly.

Charlie laughed a deep laugh, making his chest rise and fall until he had something to say, “Is that so?” He asked with a smirk, “You really think that?”

“How’s your foot?” I snapped.

“How’s your neck?” He replied, his smile slowly fading.

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” I argued as I took a step closer to him.

Charlie stood up straight before he leaped forward and tackled me to the ground. I hit the floor hard, knocking the breath right out of me. He had me pinned beneath him, holding down my arms and sitting on my legs so I couldn’t move.

“One of the many problems you have, Katherine, is fighting out of anger. That’s your first mistake.” He said as his grip got tighter on me.

I blinked up at him, trying to control a steady breathing pattern as he held me there, forcing me to listen to him.

“Your second mistake is not being prepared at all times. You think because mommy and daddy trained you when you were a kid, that you know everything now, but you don’t. You’re a small woman with a big ego and you need to shut it down or your going to get yourself killed.” He said releasing my hands from his grip.

“You could have just knocked me out and saved yourself the speech, you’ve made your point now get the hell off of me.” I said as I tried to sit up.

“There’s that ego again.” He said pushing me back down, “What am I going to do with you?” He said looking down at me.

“If your going to stay on top of me all day, at least make yourself useful.” I whispered as I looked up at him.

Charlie raised a curious brow at me, “What exactly did you have in mind?” He asked.

I bit my lip as I thought about my next move. I didn’t realize how turned on I was until I felt the weight of him on top of me, holding me down. I slowly reached up and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him down to me as I sat up and crashed my lips onto his. Our kiss seemed to intensify as we tasted one another, roughly massaging our tongue’s together as we grew more passionate and hungry.

He stood us both up without breaking our kiss and backed me up into a wall, his hands eagerly grabbing at my ass and hips before he yanked down my leggings. I went to unbutton his pants but he grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head as his free hand pulled my panties to the side.

“Is this what you want?” He whispered against my lips as I felt one finger lightly run along my wet slit, teasing me.

I gasped at his gentle touch and let out a whimper, “Yes. Please.” I begged softly.

I felt him slip one finger inside of me, and then another as he used his thumb to rub my clit gently, driving me crazy.

I couldn’t even try to suppress my moans as he slipped his fingers in and out of me. All I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and ride him until he filled me with his cum but he wouldn’t let go of my fucking hands.

“Charlie” I moaned, “Please let me go so I can fuck you.”

“Mmm…” He moaned in my ear, “You remember when I said you’re going to be begging me to make you cum again?”

“Yes” I whispered.

“You will always come back to me, and as long as you’re a good girl, I will always make you cum.” He whispered in my ear as he slipped a third finger inside of me, making me gasp, “But you’ve really been testing your boundaries with me, haven’t you?”

I bit my bottom lip as I nodded slowly.

“And you really pissed me off last night trying to tell me we were finished.” He whispered as he slowly pulled his fingers out of me, “Which means I’m going to leave you here, worked up and alone.” He said standing up straight and releasing my hands, “And you are going to think about what the fuck you want, because if its me, you’re going about it the wrong way. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” I breathed, dropping my hands to my sides.

“Good.” He said as he headed to the door, “Be ready at 7am tomorrow. Don’t be late.” He said over his shoulder before he opened the door and walked out.



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